Learn how to crochet: zero-waste grocery bag!

Here’s is a super fun and easy pattern that you can follow to make your very own crochet grocery bag!

If you’ve never tried crochet before read the first part of this post as I will go over some stitches to help you get started! If you’re ready scroll then right down for the full pattern!

I chose this pattern as it shows a good variety of stitches while maintaining a level that is perfect for beginners! Here's a quick explanation of the material and each stitch used -

The materials:

  • Crochet hook:

I used a 4.5mm but if your yarn is thicker or thinner feel free to use smaller/larger hooks (Note: the higher the mm the thicker the yarn needs to be)

  • Yarn:

The best yarn for this type of project is cotton-based as it’s the best material that won’t strain and sag after multiple uses. Since this is a grocery bag, we need the material to be durable!

  • Stich marker:

A stitch marker helps you keep track of your rows, if the project is big and you think you might get lost in the rows, use a stitch marker!

(You can also simply use a different coloured string as your stitch marker as opposed to buying one!)

The stitches:

The chain:

  • Every project starts with a chain! Here’s a series of pictures on how to do it

The single crochet:

  • The most basic stitch that we will be using a lot for this project

The double crochet:

  • Very similar to single crochet, it just starts with yarning over!


The pattern:


  • st: stitch

  • sl st: slip stitch - (insert hook into stitch, yarn over and pull through both)

  • sk: skip

  • ch: chain

  • sc: single crochet

  • blo: back loop only

  • dc: double crochet

What you’ll need:

  • 1.5 balls cotton for the bag body

  • 1 ball cotton in contrast colour for the base

  • 4.5 mm hook

  • Open Stitch marker (Or a brightly coloured string!)


  • Using the colour you chose for your base, chain 41

  • Row 1: sc into 2nd chain from hook, sc 39, ch 1, turn

  • Rows2–9: sc 40, ch 1, turn.

  • Row 10: sc 40, don’t ch 1 or turn.

In these next steps, we will stitch all around the base that we have just made, this will help us in making the sides of our base

  • Sc into the same space as the last stitch (Remember not to turn!)

  • Now we’re working on the left side of the base, sc 7 (one stitch for each base)

  • Once you’ve reached the end of this side, make sure to put 2 sc in the last stitch - this is our second corner

  • Sc 39 on the bottom of the base(2sc in the last stitch)

  • Sc 9 up the right side of the base

We will now be working in the round, so get your stitch marker!

  • Row 1 - 12: Sc into the back loop only, moving your stitch marker after every round to keep track

  • Once you’re done join the last stitch with a sl st and cut off the yarn


  • Row 1: Join in string yarn and ch 4 (counts as first dc and ch 1), sk 1 st, *dc 1, ch 1, sk 1. Repeat from * to end. Sl st in to the top of first ch 3.

  • Row 2: Sl st into next ch space of the previous row. Ch 4, * dc into next ch space, ch 1 Repeat from * to end

  • Rows 3 – 20: Work as for Row 2

  • Row 21: Placing a marker into first st, sc into each ch sp and stitch from the previous row. Join with a sl st.

  • Rows 22–25:Ch 1, sc in blo to end. In the final row, join with a sl st into first sc. Break off yarn.


  • Lay your bag flat and mark down the sides where you want your strap to be

  • From the marked stitched count back two stitches

  • *Join and sc 5

  • Ch 1 and turn

  • Repeat from * to end

The length of the strap is completely up to you! (Personally, I made 70 rows but you can definitely go for more!)

Once you’re ready to join on the other side, make sure that your strap is not twisted then sl st the strap to the bag and voila! You now have completed your first crochet project and a brand new reusable grocery bag!!

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