How to Make a Delicious Vegan Thanksgiving Meal

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

With Canadian Thanksgiving approaching this coming Monday, many of us may be starting to search for (or even already starting to cook!) tasty recipes to put on the Thanksgiving dinner table. However, for several reasons - be it ethical, health-related, or for the sake of the environment - cutting out meat and dairy in all or some of our recipes may be something you'd like to try, and good news - it's super easy!

For some tasty vegan sides, try these delicious vegan mashed potatoes from this Minimalist Baker recipe. Also, you could just try boiling then mashing potatoes and mixing in some salt, vegan milk (such as soy or rice milk), and vegan butter (the Becel brand now has vegan margarine in its lineup!). More of a sweet potato person? Try this amazing sweet potato casserole recipe.

What about turkey? If you're looking for a hearty main without involving a bird, try making a nut roast - there are tons of options out there, some without nuts, that mix together hearty legumes and veggies to make a tasty and satisfying dish. Here's a recipe for a lentil nut "meatloaf." Lots of instant gravy mixes are already vegan (just check the ingredient list), or try this recipe.

Delicious desserts can be made vegan, too. Try this vegan pumpkin cheesecake recipe or vegan pecan pie.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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