Earth Day Resources

There are plenty of ways to celebrate from home with environmental challenges. For instance, eating vegetarian for the day, taking a shorter shower, or having a lights-off hour all make a difference.

So we invite you to visit Earth Day Canada’s website for information as well as ideas for how to honour the planet from home, including in food, energy, waste, sustainable mobility, and nature. The site also contains useful articles and practical tips on various environmental topics. For example: 6 tips for starting a vegetable garden in the city and Why and how to reduce digital pollution.

Greenpeace Article: 5 ways to “self-isolate” during the coronavirus and be an activist

Greenpeace Petition: Trudeau: Bail-out Workers Not Oil And Gas Millionaires And Ceos

Spend April 22 with Équiterre, virtually! Series of free environmental talks for April 22, provided by Équiterre (9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m).

Greenpeace panel (French): Bailout packages, stepping stones to transition? (Video. 1h 30min). Special guests: Nimâ Machouf, Éric Pineault, and Jennie Laure Sully

Video (8min) Coronavirus Capitalism — and How to Beat It (with Naomi Klein, produced by the Intercept)

Thank you to Milton Park Citizens' Community for compiling this list of wonderful resources!

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