Rad Caterer Referrals


Vegan Canteen

Type of food: “Vegan Canteen is offering home cooked vegan meals... featuring items such as soups, dips, stir fry and a variety of dishes.” Offers weekly home delivery meal service, as well as small catering menus.

Email: via website

Website: https://vegan-canteen.com



Type of food: “Cuisine-Atout offers paid vocational training in food production to adults 18-55 who have not finished high school. Offers sandwiches, desserts, salads, fruit platters and main dishes. Very affordable.”

Email: info@cuisine-atout.com

Phone: (514) 939-4080

Website: http://ccpsc.qc.ca/en/node/122


Boom J’s

Type of food: “Offering Jamaican staples like jerk chicken, curried goat, oxtail, roti, king fish, Jamaican patties, coco bread, ackee and salt fish and many more classic island dishes.” Vegetarian options are available.

Email: via website

Phone: (514) 730-6524

Website: https://www.boomjscuisine.ca/accueil


Femmes Farine

Type of food: “By special order we love to bake for your celebrations and events! Party cakes and pies, small catering events and special orders at your requests - try us and we’ll see if we can bake it!” Vegan options available.

Email: femmesfarine@gmail.com

Phone: (514) 586-6837

Website: https://www.facebook.com/femmesfarine/


Sucre Brun

Type of food: “Sucre Brun is a pastry bakery that offers quality gourmet and healthy products with a Caribbean touch, for customers seeking a unique flavor in the greater Montreal area.”

Email: info@sucrebrown.com

Phone: (514) 912-8707

Website: https://www.sucrebrown.com

La Cuillère Gourmande

Type of food: “Specialized in Haitian-inspired dishes but can accommodate most requests!”

Email: cuillere.g25@gmail.com

Phone: (514) 627-4237

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pg/cuilleregourmande


The Three Sisters

Type of food: “Joni-Louka, Nahka, and Swaneige bring you mouth-watering, eye-candy recipes that are healthy, diabetes-friendly, and Indigenous-inspired.”

Website: https://www.facebook.com/les3soeurs/ (FB message to contact)


Le Kitchen

Type of food: “cuisine sante”, “mostly vegan and gluten free”, “We offer catering for all events and budgets. Please call or email us to discuss your needs and we will send you a custom menu!”

Email: toutlekitchen@gmail.com

Phone: (514) 934-3664

Website: http://lekitchen.ca/

Café Bloom

Type of food: “We use seasonal, local, fair-trade, organic or ethically-sourced ingredients. Everything we serve is homemade.”

Email: lecafebloom@gmail.com

Phone: (514) 508-2313

Website: http://lecafebloom.com/


La Place Commune

Type of food: “We are currently located in the heart of Parc Extension and we intend to create an agricultural center to facilitate access to natural and ecological food in the neighborhood. We want to argue that such a diet is not a luxury, but rather a right. Community market, cafe / restaurant, food production and popular education are on the program! Come and visit!”

Email: laplacecommune@gmail.com

Phone: (438) 385-7669

Website: http://laplacecommune.com


Type of food: “Restaurant Nilufar serves high quality middle-eastern cuisine at an excellent price.” 

Email: info@restaurantnilufar.com

Phone: (514) 846-1947

Website: http://www.restaurantnilufar.com


Santropol Roulant

Type of food: “We place a special emphasis on using healthy, local and organic ingredients.” 

Email: talia@santropolroulant.org

Phone: (514) 284-9335

Website: https://santropolroulant.org/en/activities-and-services/catering/